Swimming Canada has high hopes for its open water swimmers at the 2012 London Olympics: Richard Weinberger and Zsofia Balazs.

Millions of Canadians will be watching these young athletes compete in the heart of London – as will the long list of Canadian heroes and heroines who have written chapters in the annals of marathon swimming history. The number of outstanding world-class marathon swimmers in Canada is long and varied: from the first person to cross the Catalina Channel, George Young in 1927, to the first person to cross Lake Ontario, Marilyn Bell.

Stars include Jacques Amyot, the first man to cross lac St-Jean and inspired the Traversée internationale du lac St-JeanChristine Cossette, the first person to complete a two-way crossing of lac St-Jean.

The list through the decades goes on: Robert CossetteHelge JensenVicki Keith MunroRégent LacoursièreCliff LumsdonCynthia NicholasGreg StreppelPatty ThompsonMargaret Park Wisniski.

COW Swimming or Canadian Open Water Swimming celebrates and promotes open water swimming in Canada. The new website lists the best Canadian open water swimmers, FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup rankings and a variety of other information and links related to the open water swimming world.

The website was created Canadian national team coach and former Olympian Ron Jacks that includes a variety of information plus the Swimming Canada’s Best Open Water Swimmer List:

2011 Richard Weinberger and Zsofia Balazs
2010 Richard Weinberger and Nadine Williams
2009 Simon Tobin-Daignault and Zsofia Balazs
2008 Jarrod Ballem and Zsofia Balazs
2007 Jarrod Ballem and Caroline Murray
2006 Jarrod Ballem and Tanya Hunks
2005 Jarrod Ballem and Tanya Hunks
2004 Dave Creel and Karley Stutzel
2003 Jarrod Ballem and Karley Stutzel
2002 Dave Creel and Karley Stutzel
2001 Liam Weseloh and Karley Stutzel
2000 Liam Weseloh and Karley Stutzel
1999 Liam Weseloh
1998 Liam Weseloh
1997 Liam Weseloh and Natalie Sauvageau
1996 Liam Weseloh
1995 Greg Streppeltreppel and Kim Dyke
1994 Greg Streppel and Kim Dyke
1993 Greg Streppel and Kim Dyke
1992 Greg Streppel and Kim Dyke
1991 Greg Streppel and Caroline Liedtke

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North side beach at Marine Stadium in Long Beach starting at 9:00 AM

  • 100-meter newcomer swim
  • 800-meter swim (½ loop of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course)
  • 1 loop of the Olympic Triathlon swim course (1.5 kilometers)
  • 3 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (5 kilometers)
  • 6 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (10 kilometers)


Register for the 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference in Long Beach, CA.

Join us from Friday, September 21 thru Sunday, September 23 at Marine Stadium!

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