The Longest Lake in the World

Lake Tanganyika is one of the African Great Lakes and the longest lake in the world.

Proflight Zambia, which is Zambia’s only domestic airline, is sponsoring a marathon swimming relay to show its commitment to environmental conservation of Lake Tanganyika.

The 5-day 40 km marathon Swim for Nsumbu, organized by Conservation Lake Tanganyika, will begin today. Jim Smith, Chris Liebenberg, Francois Cuturi and Craig Zytkow will swim along the length of the Nsumbu National Park, which borders the lake. Boet Liebenberg will serve as the crew whose responsibilities will be to look out for crocodiles in Lake Tanganyika.

Conservation Lake Tanganyika promotes and preserves the biodiversity of Lake Tanganyika for the sustainable benefit of its inhabitants through a partnership with the community and Zambian government. “Proflight Zambia believes passionately in the conservation of Zambia’s wildlife and natural resources, and we are proud to be demonstrating that commitment by supporting Conservation Lake Tanganyika and its team of swimmers,” said Proflight Commercial Director Keira Irwin.

Our Swim for Nsumbu will pit a few brave and concerned people against whatever we face in the lake to bring attention to the plight and needs of Nsumbu National Park. We intend to swim the entire lake boundary of the national park in our efforts to save Nsumbu but we need help in making Conservation Lake Tanganyika a reality. Without an ultimate injection of cash our passion to save this beautiful National park for the benefit of all stakeholders cannot happen,” explained Zytkow about one of Africa’s biological wonders that is home to 2,000 species of animal life.

Conservation can have a lasting positive effect on the local human populations. The overflow effects of preserving the fish stocks within the national park can provide ongoing sustainability to local fishing industries that are otherwise in danger of being depleted. Additionally a national park with healthy wildlife numbers combined with the uniquely spectacular scenery presents an opportunity for growth in tourism that can ultimately provide a new source of direct employment as well as fringe benefits that it can bring about. It is hoped that by improving the resource that tourism relies on (wildlife and fish life), the current small tourism industry can expand.”


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