Escort pilots are the umbilical cord between the open water swimmer and safety. Without them, swimmers literally could not swim (straight) from Point A to Point B.

They are the selfless, professional guides of the marathon swimming and channel swimming world.

Below is a all-too-short listing of some of the more experienced pilots around the world:

Alison Streeter (English Channel)
Altino Goulart (Azores and Cape Verde)
Andy King (English Channel)
Antonio Montiel Martin (Strait of Gibraltar)
Bob Andrieux (Santa Barbara Channel)
Brian Meharg (North Channel)
Leonard Hutchinson (English Channel)
Charlie Gravett (Jersey)
Charlie Lehr (New York)
Chris Osmond (English Channel)
Dave Whyte (English Channel)
Des McLean (Western Australia)
Duncan Taylor (English Channel)
Earl Sandvik (New York)
Eddie Spelling (English Channel)
Eric Hartley (English Channel)
Fred Mardle (English Channel)
Greg Elliot (Catalina Channel)
Greg Porteus (Hudson River)
Greg Wise (Catalina Channel)
Ivan Shigaki (Molokai Channel)
Jeremy Gooding (Hawaii)
Jim Dixon (Maui and Molokai Channels)
John & Lisa Matthews (Farallon Islands)
John Bartlett (Florida Strait)
John Defoe (Vancouver)
John Pittman (Catalina Channel)
Kevin Sherman (English Channel)
Lance Oram (English Channel)
Matt Buckman (Molokai Channel)
Michael Oram (English Channel)
Mike Bewley (Santa Barbara Channel)
Neil Streeter (English Channel)
Nelson Wood (English Channel)
Paul Foreman (English Channel)
Paul Luuwai (Maui Channel)
Paul Newman (English Channel)
Peter Reed (English Channel)
Quinten Nelson (North Channel)
Ray Brickell (English Channel)
Ray Cooper (English Channel)
Reg Brickell, Jr. (English Channel)
Reg Brickell, Sr. (English Channel)
Sebastian Sanchéz Rios (Strait of Gibraltar)
Simon Ellis (English Channel)
Stuart Gleeson (English Channel)
Vito Bialla (Farallon Islands)
William J. Long (English Channel)
Wolfgang Schlosser (Beltquerung)

Photo above shows Brian Meharg (right) with North Channel swimmer Howard Keech (left).


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