Among the 8,809 Openwaterpedia entries and 2,495,760 page views of people, products, places, services, coaches, pilots and events, below is the current list of the 50 most popular online searches in Openwaterpedia.

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Tim Stiff from Cape Town has made the biggest move this month to #25. Tim suffered from polio in his youth, but he has become a serious open water swimming and has competed in a number of events including the inaugural 5.3 km Atlantic Dash, the inaugural 10.5 km Lighthouse to Big Bay Swim, as well as becoming a member of the International Ice Swimming Association.

1. Openwaterpedia ‎(75,544 views)
2. Michelle Vawer ‎(22,212 views)
3. Leopard seal ‎(11,717 views)
4. About Open Water Source ‎(10,756 views)
5. Nile crocodile ‎(8,344 views)
6. Fran Crippen ‎(5,645 views)
7. Penny Palfrey ‎(5,545 views)
8. Olympic 10K Marathon Swim (5,236 views)
9. Alex Meyer ‎(4,661 views)
10. Lexie Kelly ‎(4,309 views)
11. Stephen Redmond ‎(3,937 views)
12. Steven Munatones ‎(3,874 views)
13. International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame ‎(3,721 views)
14. Forrest Nelson ‎(3,700 views)
15. Ashley Twichell ‎(3,582 views)
16. Jason Malick ‎(3,426 views)
17. Jamie Patrick (3,343 views)
18. Darren Miller ‎(3,306 views)
19. Petar Stoychev ‎(3,254 views)
20. Jose Diaz ‎(3,157 views)
21. Nejib Belhedi ‎(3,142 views)
22. Flavio Bomio ‎(3,104 views)
23. Evan Morrison ‎(3,080 views)
24. How to add a page ‎(3,061 views)
25. Tim Stiff ‎(3,002 views)
26. How to link a video ‎(2,995 views)
27. Richard Weinberger ‎(2,978 views)
28. Diana Nyad ‎(2,895 views)
29. Bruckner Chase ‎(2,894 views)
30. Waikiki Beach ‎(2,827 views)
31. Vito Bialla ‎(2,767 views)
32. Abdul Latif Abou Heif ‎(2,681 views)
33. Dave Barra ‎(2,676 views)
34. Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association ‎(2,672 views)
35. Thomas Lurz ‎(2,610 views)
36. Molokai Channel ‎(2,517 views)
37. Catalina Channel Swimming Federation ‎(2,514 views)
38. Oceans Seven ‎(2,271 views)
39. Harry Huffaker ‎(2,268 views)
40. Keri-Anne Payne ‎(2,257 views)
41. Peter Attia ‎(2,247 views)
42. 1400K Swim Across Tunisia ‎(2,233 views)
43. The Swim It ‎(2,152 views)
44. English Channel ‎(2,117 views)
45. Pilar Geijo ‎(2,112 views)
46. Kim Chambers ‎(2,085 views)
47. Ned Denison ‎(2,076 views)
48. Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming ‎(2,068 views)
49. Lynne Cox ‎(2,047 views)
50. Trent Grimsey ‎(2,023 views)

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North side beach at Marine Stadium in Long Beach starting at 9:00 AM

  • 100-meter newcomer swim
  • 800-meter swim (½ loop of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course)
  • 1 loop of the Olympic Triathlon swim course (1.5 kilometers)
  • 3 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (5 kilometers)
  • 6 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (10 kilometers)


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