Despite the race being broadcast live in 72 countries, most of America was unaware of the Olympic 10km Marathon Swim during the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the post-euphoria of the Phelps Phenomenon.

But the swimming landscape is much different now.

Many sports fans have now heard of the words marathon swimming, channel swimming and open water swimming, but frankly most Americans have not yet seen an open water race with the exception of the swim legs of triathlons.

That will change on August 9th and 10th.

Olympic fans in America will be introduced to marathon swimming by veteran play-by-play announcerSteve Schlanger of St. Louis, Missouri.

The veteran announcer and producer will do the play-by-play for the Olympic 10km Marathon Swimtogether with 3-time Olympic champion Rowdy Gaines providing the analysis at the Serpentine on 9 August (women) and 10 August (men).

Schlanger is one of the most versatile announcers in the NBC sports arsenal with play-by-play experience in nearly 30 sports over his prolific 15-year career. He has called professional sports and world championship games for ESPN, Fox Sports Net, The Golf Channel, CSTV, CBS Sports Network, NBC’s Universal Sports Network, The Big Ten Network, and The NHL Network.

His voice has been heard by TV fans of the World Cup Alpine Skiing Tour, the World Hockey Championships, the British Open (golf), the Australian Open (tennis), the World Cycling Championships, Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals and on radio for the St. Louis Rams Radio Network. From Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan, he has interviewed some of the biggest names in sports.

And now it is onto the biggest names in the Olympic marathon swimming world, together with a most familiar face of Olympic swimming, Rowdy Gaines.

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North side beach at Marine Stadium in Long Beach starting at 9:00 AM

  • 100-meter newcomer swim
  • 800-meter swim (½ loop of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course)
  • 1 loop of the Olympic Triathlon swim course (1.5 kilometers)
  • 3 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (5 kilometers)
  • 6 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (10 kilometers)


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