Open Water Source provides a plethora of information in English,SpanishGermanJapanese and French on the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim to be held on August 9th (women) and 10th (men).

Open Water Source has provided a number of perspectives, predictions and information on the athletes, equipment, course, strategies, officiating and tactics used during the Olympic marathon swim.

Open Water Source will provide real-time insight, analysis and commentary of the athletes during the Olympic 10K here Below is a small sampling of this information for easy reference purposes.

• Olympic Marathon Swimming – Female Medal Contenders
• Olympic Marathon Swimming – Male Medal Contenders
• 34 Countries On 5 Continents In The Olympic Marathon
• Olympic Marathon Swim Will Be A Madhouse
• No Walls, No Turns, No Worries For Haley Anderson
• Open Water Swimming Tactics And Moves
• The Thrill Of Victory, The Agony Of Defeat In The Open Water
• How The Olympics Comes To Our Homes And Offices
• How Olympic Marathon Swimmers Feed (Drink)
• Olympic Marathon Swim – A Seminal Moment In Open Water
• Will The Sun Shine In Open Water Swimming?
• Ous Mellouli Is A Game Changer In The 10K After The 1.5K
• Can Katie Ledecky Happen In The Olympic Marathon Swim?
• Jorge Delgado Explains Olympic Marathon Swimming
• Three Salukis At The Olympic Marathon Swim
• Mellouli And Fogg Rip Off Fast 1.5km At Olympics
• Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km Information
• Coaches Of The Olympic Marathon Swimming Women
• Coaches Of The Male Olympic Marathon Swimmers
• Olympic Marathon Swimming En Español
• Marathon Mania On August 9th With Keri-Anne Payne
• Ecuador’s Representatives In The Olympic Marathon Swim
• The Magic Of Technology At The Olympics
• Observations From London – Swimming The Canoe Slalom
• Some Observations From The Olympics – The Wait
• Warnings And Disqualifications At The Olympic Marathon
• Shaving Down At The Olympics Marathon Swim
• Steve Schlanger To Announce Olympic Marathon Swim
• Olympic Open Water, A Seminal Event About To Occur
• Looking Forward Towards Rio 2016
• No Pressure…Enjoying Olympic Fun
• Ky Hurst, Halfway There
• Cecilia Biagioli, Argentina’s Star Warming Up To The Cold
• Troy Prinsloo, The Man Named Hercules
• Keri-Anne Payne Talks About Jellyfish And The Olympics
• What We Learned From The 2008 Olympic Marathon Swim
• Martina Grimaldi, Olympic Marathon Medal Favorite
• Alligator Eyes In The Serpentine
• Alex Meyer, Swimming Illustrated
• Officiating The Olympic Marathon Swim – Part 1
• Erika Villaécija García Poised, Primed And Prepared
• Olympic Bond Showcases Alex Meyer And Fran Crippen
• Jana Pechanová, Enduring Pain Before The Olympics
• Francisco José Hervás, Living His Olympic Dream
• Swimming Suitably At The Olympics
• What Is The Olympic Marathon Swimming Course?
• Photo Finish At The Olympics Marathon Swim
• If You Are In London, Join The Club
• Olympic 10km Marathon Swim in 2020 Summer Games
• 2012 London Olympics – The Men Of Open Water Swimming
• Olympic Oddsmakers Bet On Keri-Anne Payne In London
• Six Loops Of Olympic Charm
• Trojans Heading To Battle In London
• Fast Freestyling By Petar Stoychev
• Super Heroes At The London 2012 Olympic Games
• Alyssa And Haley Anderson, A Family Affair In London
• Timing In The Pool vs. The Open Water
• Olympic Marathon Run vs. Olympic Marathon Swim
• Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi At The London Olympics
• Benjamin Schulte Qualifies For The Olympics
• The Start And Finish Of The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim
• The Post-Olympic World Of Open Water Swimming
• Finalists In The Women’s Olympic Marathon Swim 10 km
• Finalists In The Men’s Olympic Marathon Swim 10 km
• Who’s Going To The Olympics? The 10K Conundrum

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North side beach at Marine Stadium in Long Beach starting at 9:00 AM

  • 100-meter newcomer swim
  • 800-meter swim (½ loop of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course)
  • 1 loop of the Olympic Triathlon swim course (1.5 kilometers)
  • 3 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (5 kilometers)
  • 6 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (10 kilometers)


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