Ned Denison, one of the global leaders in the marathon swimming world, will be deservedly honoured by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame at its annual induction ceremonies on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California on September 22nd.

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be held together with the 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference.

Denison who first proposed the Triple Crown of Prison Island Swims and who created the Cork Distance Week, stands tall in the channel swimming world, marathon swimming community and circumnavigation crowd.

Besides his own marathon swims from California to the Ireland, pushes others to tackle the English Channel, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, Round Jersey, Lake Zurich, and other challenges around the world including the In Search of Memphre international marathon swim.

Denison (right) is shown with fellow International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee Kevin Murphy (left) in photo above.

To register and participate in this Conference and Hall of Fame ceremonies, click here. Meet many luminaries of the sport and listen to numerous fascinating presentations about all different aspects of open water swimming.

The following individuals will be honored with the Queen Mary:

• Larisa Ilchenko (Russia), 2008 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Gold Medalist
• Maarten van der Weijden (Netherlands), 2008 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Gold Medalist & leukemia survivor
• Sri Chinmoy (India), teacher, poet and endurance athlete posthumously inducted as Honour Administrator
• Ned Denison (Ireland), marathon swimmer and Honour Administrator
• David Parcells (USA), channel swimmer posthumously inducted as an Honour Swimmer
• Faros Maratón Swim (Croatia) as an Honour Organisation
• Irish Long Distance Swimming Association (Ireland) as an Honour Organisation
• Marcos Díaz (Dominican Republic), marathon swimmer and United Nations Swimming Ambassador
• Drury Gallagher (USA), Founder of the Manhattan Island Swimming Association
• Chad Hundeby (USA), English Channel and Catalina Channel record holder
• Eleanor Studley Hurd (USA), first woman to swim between Europe and Asia posthumously honored
• Des Renford (Australia), former King of the Channel® (19-time English Channel swimmer) posthumously honored

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North side beach at Marine Stadium in Long Beach starting at 9:00 AM

  • 100-meter newcomer swim
  • 800-meter swim (½ loop of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course)
  • 1 loop of the Olympic Triathlon swim course (1.5 kilometers)
  • 3 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (5 kilometers)
  • 6 loops of the Olympic 10 km Marathon Swim course (10 kilometers)


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