Fast, very fast, blazing fast. The bar has now been set for the 2016 Rio Olympic quadrennial.

Ous Mellouli and Thomas Lurz, the gold and silver medalists in the Olympic marathon swim, swam slightly faster than 1:06 per 100 meters for nearly 1 hour 50 minutes without walls or lane lines.

They both swam faster than 1 minute per 100 yards without the benefit of wall push-offs or being guided by a black line at the bottom of a pool for 10,000 meters. He powered his way in 68°C (20°F) water at a 3.4 mph pace (equivalent to 11:01 per km or 17:44 per mile).

When Mellouli made his move on the fifth loop of six in the Serpentine in order to separate himself from the rest of the field, he nearly swam at a pace of 5.7km per hour or 3.6 mph (equivalent to 10:26 per km or 16:48 per mile or 1:03 per 100m or 0:57 per 100 yards.

That kind of speed, strength and stamina was simply too much for the rest of the world’s fastest open water swimmers although Lurz, bronze medalist Richard Weinberger and fourth-place Spyros Gianniotis hung in there like champions.

The final results were as follows:

1. Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia – 1:49:55.1
2. Thomas Lurz of Germany – 1:49:58.5
3. Richard Weinberger of Canada – 1:50:00.3
4. Spyridon Gianniotis of Greece – 1:50:05.3
5. Daniel Fogg of Great Britain – 1:50:37.3
6. Sergey Bolshakov of Russia – 1:50:40.1
7. Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia – 1:50:42.8
8. Andreas Waschburger of Germany – 1:50:44.4
9. Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria – 1:50:46.2
10. Alex Meyer of the USA – 1:50:48.2
11. Julien Sauvage of France – 1:50:51.3
12. Troyden Prinsloo of South Africa – 1:50:52.9
13. Erwin Maldonado of Venezuela – 1:50:52.9
14. Igor Chervynskiy of Ukraine – 1:50:56.9
15. Yasunari Hirai of Japan – 1:51:20.1
16. Brian Ryckeman of Belgium – 1:51:27.1
17. Valerio Cleri of Italy – 1:51:29.5
18. Csaba Gercsak of Hungary – 1:51:30.9
19. Arseniy Lavrentyev of Portugal – 1:51:37.2
20. Ky Hurst of Australia – 1:51:41.3
21. Ivan Enderica Ochoa of Ecuador – 1:52:28.6
22. Yuriy Kudinov of Kazakhstan – 1:52:59.0
23. Francisco Jose Hervas of Spain – 1:53:27.8
24. Mazen Aziz Metwaly of Egypt – 1:54:33.2
25. Benjamin Schulte of Guam – 2:03:35.1

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