NYC Swim filled out is 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim field with one its most accomplished groups of marathon swimmers ever.

Swimmers are raising money for Breast Cancer Care in Western Australia, Down Syndrome Association of Western Australia, Colin’s Hope, Swim Free, Down Syndrome Ireland, Alzheimers Society, Ventura Global Health Project, Breast Cancer Care Western Australia, and Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

With over 50% of the field coming from outside the United States and nearly 25% from Australia, the swimmers are far-flung ranging from Ireland to Brazil.

3-time winner John Van Wisse is back after placing second to American Erica Rose in the 2011 race. But the experienced Australian will face another fast female competitor in Californian Grace van der Byl who is on a hot streak after setting records in the Catalina Channel and the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim during the summer of 2012.

At the front of the pack, 2013 looks to be another Year of the Woman following overall victories in 2012 (Abby Nunn), 2011 (Erica Rose), 2010 (Chloe McCardel), 2007 (Penny Palfrey), and 2006 (Rendy Opdycke). Only Van Wisse has interrupted the female domination since 2005.

NYC Swim provided the following data on the 2013 field and the most popular marathon race in the world:

Total Number of Swimmers Accepted: 42
Number of Swimmers Waitlisted: 5
Total Applied before Enrollment Turned off: 68
Elapsed Time to take to receive 42 enrollments: 9 minutes 13 seconds
Elapsed Time to take to receive 47 enrollments: 12 minutes 25 seconds
Elapsed Time to take to receive 68 enrollments: 55 minutes 19 seconds
International (non-U.S.A.) Swimmers: 23
Total Number of Women: 21
Alumni: 12
Newbies: 30
Age 21 or under: 3
Age 50 or over: 11
New York Region (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey): 9
Swim Series Participants: 14
USA States Represented: 8
Countries Represented: 9
English Channel Soloists: 23
Catalina Channel Soloists: 6
Fundraising as part of their swim: 16
The 2013 participants include:

1. Giuliana Braga (40) Brasília, Brasil
2. Charlotte Brynn (46) Vermont, U.S.A.
3. Carol Cashell (33) Cork, Ireland
4. Devon Clifford (22) New York, U.S.A.
5. Lisa Cummins (29) Cork, Ireland
6. Lisa Delaurentis (31) Perth, Australia
7. Suzie Dods (52) California, U.S.A.
8. Timothy Donovan (30) Perth, Australia
9. Kathleen Dooley (45) Texas, U.S.A.
10. Paul Downie (52) Cottesloe, Australia
11. Victoria Gorman (31) Sydney, Australia
12. Charles Herrick (52) Connecticut, U.S.A
13. Lochie Hinds (17) Sydney, Australia
14. Phyllis Ho (51) New York, U.S.A.
15. John Hughes (50) New York, U.S.A.
16. Andrew Hunt (51) Perth, Australia
17. Marilee Kiernan (25) New York, U.S.A.
18. Lennart Larsson (63) Orebro, Sweden
19. William Leonard (33) Ontario, Canada
20. Kenn Lichtenwalter (47) New York, U.S.A.
21. Liam Maher (43) Cork, Ireland
22. Ellery McGowan (66) Godalming, United Kingdom
23. Wayne Morris (43) Perth, Australia
24. James Neitz (44) California, U.S.A.
25. Jesus Neri (47) Mexico City, Mexico
26. Paul Newsome (34) Bridlington, Australia
27. Emma Otto-Moudry (17) New York
28. James Penrose (60) London, United Kingdom
29. Ceinwen Roberts (31) Perth, Australia
30. Kristian Rutford (53) Nebraska, U.S.A.
31. Charlotte Samuels (14) New Jersey, U.S.A.
32. Karen Throsby (44) Coventry, United Kingdom
35. Grace Van der Byl (34) California, U.S.A. (shown above)
36. John Van Wisse (39) Brighton, Victoria Australia
37. Deirdre Ward (33) London, United Kingdom
38. Geoff Wilson (48) Perth, Australia
39. Steven Green (52) California, U.S.A.
40. Ali Hall (51) California, U.S.A.
41. Frank Levy (45) New York, U.S.A.
42. Caitlin Rosen (32) Washington, U.S.A.



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