They are under you, but what do you call that group of things?

It is a colony, pack, herd, school or pod?

Here is a guideline of the proper English-language terms for those creatures that lie, swim, float, breed, eat, fly, cruise, and watch you from below and above the waters of the world:

Sharks: shiver
Jellyfish: smackbroodsmuthsmuckfluther
Dolphins: podschoolherd
Seals: podherd
Whales: podgamherd
Ducks: braceflock (in flight), raftteampaddling (on water), badling
Flamingos: stand
Geese: flockgaggle (on the ground), skein (in flight)
Gulls: colony
Mallards (ducks): sord (in flight), brace
Penguins: colony
Swans: bevywedge (in flight)
Crocodiles: bask
Turtles: balenest
Fish: draftnest, school, shoal
Bass: shoal
Herring: army
Trout: hover
Clams: bed
Oysters: bed
Boats: flotilla, fleet, argosy, squadron
Seaweed: wrack
Kelp: forestkelp bed
Junk/trash: jetsamflotsam
Humans: pod, squad, team, pack, aquatic scrumpeloton

Information from the U.S. Department of the Interior

Photo shows a pod of swimmers from Mission Viejo Nadadores gathering at the seashore.



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