Among the thousands of Openwaterpedia entries of people, products, places, services, coaches, pilots and events, below is the current list of the 50 most popular online searches in Openwaterpedia.

Openwaterpedia is an online reference and research tool for the open water swimming community has entries posted in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. Any language can be inputted, as well as photos, videos and hyperlinks. The channels of the Oceans Seven made big moves over the last several weeks.

  1. Openwaterpedia ‎(531,542 views)
  2. Olympic 10K Marathon Swim ‎(59,366 views)
  3. English Channel ‎(39,153 views)
  4. Catalina Channel ‎(35,758 views)
  5. Strait of Gibraltar ‎(34,690 views)
  6. Cook Strait ‎(29,371 views)
  7. Molokai Channel ‎(25,719 views)
  8. Michelle Vawer ‎(23,817 views)
  9. Open Water Forums ‎(21,575 views)
  10. North Channel ‎(21,408 views)
  11. Tsugaru Channel ‎(20,347 views)
  12. Leopard seal ‎(18,327 views)
  13. Nile crocodile ‎(14,577 views)
  14. 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim ‎(14,388 views)
  15. About Open Water Source ‎(13,253 views)
  16. Oceans Seven ‎(11,760 views)
  17. Penny Palfrey ‎(10,566 views)
  18. Stephen Redmond ‎(10,244 views)
  19. Alex Meyer ‎(9,619 views)
  20. Richard Weinberger ‎(8,026 views)
  21. Forrest Nelson ‎(7,428 views)
  22. Darren Miller ‎(7,183 views)
  23. British Long Distance Swimming Association ‎(7,082 views)
  24. Lexie Kelly ‎(6,572 views)
  25. Fran Crippen ‎(6,334 views)
  26. Ashley Twichell ‎(6,114 views)
  27. Steven Munatones ‎(5,972 views)
  28. Petar Stoychev ‎(5,810 views)
  29. International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame ‎(5,743 views)
  30. 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference ‎(5,545 views)
  31. Anna-Carin Nordin ‎(5,538 views)
  32. Keri-Anne Payne ‎(5,376 views)
  33. Jason Malick ‎(5,364 views)
  34. Oussama Mellouli ‎(5,360 views)
  35. Haley Anderson ‎(5,291 views)
  36. Thomas Lurz ‎(5,220 views)
  37. Kevin Murphy ‎(5,150 views)
  38. Mathilde Staerk ‎(5,107 views)
  39. Evan Morrison ‎(4,994 views)
  40. Stage swim ‎(4,916 views)
  41. Diana Nyad ‎(4,798 views)
  42. How to add a page ‎(4,793 views)
  43. How to link a video ‎(4,631 views)
  44. Trent Grimsey ‎(4,589 views)
  45. Nejib Belhedi ‎(4,571 views)
  46. Open Water Swimming Marathon Kalamata – Koroni ‎(4,411 views)
  47. Spyros Gianniotis ‎(4,381 views)
  48. Michelle Macy ‎(4,375 views)
  49. Jamie Patrick ‎(4,299 views)
  50. Jose Diaz ‎(4,198 views)



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Tackling The Ocean
Retired NFL Defensive End and Pro Bowl superstar, Marcellus Wiley, conquers his fears of swimming in open water at the OptimusSport Distance Swim Challenge, Santa Monica, CA




Voting is open! See the Complete List of WOWSA Nominees in all four categories.
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An Inspirational Cause… A Successful Event

With the powerful cause of making waves to fight cancer, the inaugural Swim Across America Long Beach event was both inspirational and successful.

Before he came out of the water, Craig knew that a certain question had to be answered. It wasn’t a question about his middle name or anything like that. It was much more profound. It was a question posed by himself, a question that only he could answer for himself. When Craig was able to answer that question, Hank embraced him and congratulated him on finishing the 5K with dignity.

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