Swimmers can donate funds, and lend a hand and their collective voices to the increasing attention and initiatives to help improve the health of the world’s oceans. But there is nothing like money and power in today’s society that can help turn the tide on mankind’s impact on the environment.

Lewis Pugh gave a speech earlier this month at Cambridge University where he addressed the issue of water stewardship to business executives at the unique and far forward-looking University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership.

Cambridge is doing incredible work in the business environment,” said Pugh. “It has programmes for executives to get them to understand the environment and sustainability. Their work is crucial.”

If and when senior executives and corporations get behind swimmers and vice versa, then things on our planet can truly change for the better.

Its website explains its mission and the possibilities best: The Prince of Wales’s Business & Sustainability Programme is a unique forum, established in 1994 by The Prince of Wales and the University of Cambridge. It provides a strategic forum for senior decision makers and key executives to explore leading-edge, innovative, high-impact yet pragmatic approaches to reconciling profitability and sustainability.

Business & Sustainability Programme seminars address the successful management of change. The primary audience of the seminars, which are delivered in four major cities (Cambridge, Cape Town, Brussels and Sydney) comprises corporate senior leaders and individuals from civil society and non-governmental organisations who interact closely with businesses. Through understanding global trends and finding strategic, practical ways to integrate social and environmental solutions into decision-making processes, delegates, led by Faculty composed of practitioners and academics, discuss how to ensure sustainability in their businesses while remaining profitable.

With a bit of encouragement, swum dramatically, from Pugh:


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