Samuel Richards, Jr. was an American open water swimmer who won the 1911 and 1912 Boston Light Swim. Richards won the 1912 race in a time of 5 hours 15 minutes when only 3 swimmers out of 42 entrants completed the race.

He was a famed member of the L Street Brownies Club in Boston, Massachusetts who eventually competed in the Boston Light Swim a record 14 times.

He held several other records including the following:

*one-way from Charlestown Bridge to Boston Light (10 miles) in 5 hours 15 minutes
*two-way from Charlestown Bridge and Boston Light (20 miles) in 13 hours 9 minutes
*from Charlestown Bridge to Graves Light (17 miles) in 5 hours 40 minutes
*from New York Battery to Sandy Hook (22 miles) in 8 hours 11 hours
*Delaware River (40 miles) in 15 hours 14 minutes
*from Bass Point to Beachmont (3 miles) in 1 hour 36 minutes

But his epitaph on his memorial include some profoundly beautiful words:

If you would learn to swim with ease,
Go into the water above your knees,
Be not afraid of fish or wave
And sometime a life you’ll surely save.

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