To date, there has been a very special group of individuals - marathon swimmers over the age of 50 years - who have successfully swum between England and France: members of the English Channel Half Century Club.

The members of this exclusive club for the English Channel are listed below.If you know of any individuals who are not listed and who are eligible to join the Half Century Club in any open body of water, please send information on the swimmer's name, country, official time, date and location to Open Water Source via email ( For additional information on marathon swimming records, visit the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame website.

Sue Oldham, Oldest Female To Swim The English Channel

64-year-old Sue Oldham of Australia, who took 17 hours and 11 minutes to cross the English Channel, explained the mindset that is typical of these mature swimmers,

"Every hour of the swim I thought about someone special in my life and that would motivate me to continue - that's what took me to the end. When you start something you have to finish it, don't you? No point in getting out when it gets a bit tough."

Her grit and determination are admirable at any age. These Half Century Club adventurers thrive in this Fountain of Youth and have proven that some things do get better with age.