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Open Water Swimming Educational Programs

Comprehensive open water swimming courses and coaching certification

Coaches Education Program
This is a comprehensive Open Water Swimming Coaches Education Program for pool swimming coaches, triathlete coaches, masters swimming coaches, fitness coaches, endurance sports coaches and multi-sport coaches.

WOWSA Open Water Swimming Course
Open Water Swimming Course young athletes, adult athletes just getting into the sport, triathletes who are better at running or cycling, or multi-sport athletes who wish to improve their swimming performance.

Open Water Swimming for Triathletes
Created in collaboration with Steven Munatones & the staff at World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA), this course is a short, fun and educational preview of what to expect and how to succeed in the swim leg of your triathlon.

WOWSA Safety for All
Online training course for event organizers, staff, and swimmers. Reduce risk of incident by providing a brief but comprehensive education on open water safety. Course covers kayak and escort boat protocols, communication plan, medical staff and more.

Programa Educativo para Entrenadores
Éste es un programa educativo integral para entrenadores de natación en aguas abiertas dirigido a entrenadores de natación en alberca, de triatletas, de natación máster, de fitness, de deportes de resistencia y de deportes múltiples.


Ratify Your Swim - Rules & Regulations

Certify Your Event - Ratify Your Swim - Rules & Regulations
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Maui Channel Swim

Solo and relay swimmers cross a deep-water, beautiful channel as they gaze upon 5 islands (Lanai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and Hawaii) if the weather permits. Generally calm conditions, colorful marine life and clear warm cobalt blue water makes this event the most popular relay swim in the world. Marine life, strong winds and strong currents on occasion


Screenshot 2023-08-12 at 23-28-37 Ultramarathon Swim Series

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