1 + 1 > 2 In The Open Water Swimming World

1 + 1 > 2 In The Open Water Swimming World

With the marriage of Nick and Dr. Sakura Adams (née Hingley), we are reminded how the marriage of two open water swimmers produces a profound relationship greater than the sum of its parts.

Couples dot the landscape in the open water swimming world. The pairs tend to be prolific in their performances, personable in their character, and popular among their peers. They are downright passionate about their sport and share their passion with their life mate that somehow helps bring out the passion even more.

Married couples seem to be able to make their individual sacrifices and challenges easier to bear while their mutual joys seem to be more intense. The comingling of sleeping patterns, training needs, and eating preferences become easier when both partners understand each others goals so thoroughly. The why’s of training and the need to get up early are just a few examples of deep mutual understandings that other couples do not always understand, but which do not need to be explained to these couples:

* Kevin and Jane Murphy (U.K.)
* Nick and Sakura Adams (née Hingley) (U.K.)
* Mark Fabik and Kristy McIntyre (U.K.)
* Chantelle Rose and Cliff Golding (U.K.)
* Chloe McCardel and Paul McQueeney (Australia)
* Sarah-Jane Stirling and Ian Jones (Jersey)
* Julie (née Galloway) and Dave Farrell
* Robert and Beth Margalis (California, U.S.A.)
* Penny and Chris Palfrey (Australia)
* Angela Maurer and Nikolai Evseev (Germany)
* Nacho Grignaschi and Noelli Petti (Argentina, shown above)
* Damian Blaum and Esther Nuñez Morera (Argentina/Spain)
* Pilar Geijo and Diego Tricárico (Argentina)
* Mike and Cynthia Lewis (California, U.S.A.)
* Sally Minty-Gravett and Charlie Gravett (Jersey)
* Mike and Laura Miller (Hawaii, U.S.A.)
* Edith van Dijk and Hans van Goor (Netherlands)
* Grace and Neil van der Byl (California, U.S.A.)
* Christian and Nadine Reichert (Germany)
* Bruckner Chase and Michelle Evans-Chase

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