10 Best Swim Legs During Ironman’s 2016 Season

IRONMAN announced its participants best triathlon swims among its 189 events held in 45 countries during 2016. At the end of the season, the following 10 swims were voted the Best Overall Swims by Ironman triathletes.

1. IRONMAN Australia in Port Macquarie: “Swimming in the Hastings River was a wonderful experience, and the rolling start eased my mind.”
Fastest swimmer in 2016: Clayton Fettell (AUS) in 43:47 over 3.9 km at at 1:08/100m pace

2. IRONMAN Wales in Tenby’s North Beach, Pembrokeshire: “Perfect, zero stress and wonderful volunteers.”
Fastest swimmer in 2016: Daniel Niederreiter (AUT) in 45:25 over 3.9 km at a 1:10/100m pace

3. IRONMAN Coeur D’Alene in Lake Coeur d’Alene: “The best swim start ever! Zero washing machine effects with the rolling start. Absolutely awesome!! Every race should be like this.”
2nd fastest swimmer in 2016: Carson McDaniel (USA) in 49:42 over 2.4 miles at a 1:17/100m pace

4. Little Debbie IRONMAN Chattanooga, downstream swim on the Tennessee River: “Not as chaotic as other races I’ve done. Really loved the rolling start off the dock and the exit up the stairs. Good layout and thought process.”
Fastest swimmer in 2016: Csőke Balázs (HUN) in 40:48 over 2.4 miles at a 1:03/100m

5. SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia around the Busselton Jetty: “Pristine.”
3rd fastest swimmer in 2016: Michael Fox (AUS) in 46:17 over 3.9 km at a 1:11/100m pace

T6. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain IRONMAN New Zealand: “The swim was magnificent. The lake is absolutely stunning and I would do it over again in a second.”
2nd fastest swimmer in 2016: Clayton Fettell (AUS) in 48:03 over 3.9 km at a 1:14/100m pace

T6. Subaru IRONMAN Canada: “Please don’t change a thing! This was my first triathlon and expected to have an anxious first competitive, open water swim. But, I didn’t. It was a steady, enjoyable swim. I attribute much of that to the swim course design and support. Flawless.”
Fastest swimmer in 2016: Andy Potts (USA) in 47:03 over 2.4 miles at a 1:13/100m pace

8. IRONMAN Barcelona in Calella: “Great swim experience, best out of all my previous events. I was very impressed with the level of organization. Put me at ease and felt very relaxed and safe.”
2nd fastest swimmer in 2016: Mark Oude Bennink (NED) in 49:24 over 3.9 km at a 1:16/100m pace

9. IRONMAN Louisville in the Ohio River: “Talk about a low stress swim. I loved it!
Fastest swimmer in 2016: Alexander McCrohan (USA) in 46:58 over 2.4 miles at a 1:12/100m pace

10. IRONMAN Boulder in Boulder Reservoir: “This was the best swim I have ever had (comfort, ease of sighting, quickest time) and was so blown away by all of the volunteers helping in the water. I felt so much safer than in any other race and felt that they helped keep us all on course.”
Fastest swimmer in 2016: Rudy Kahsar (USA) in 52:21 over 2.4 miles at a 1:21/100m pace

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