10 Going On 57, Bo Derek In The Open Water

10 Going On 57, Bo Derek In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Bo Derek, the iconic star of the film 10, has joined the open water swimming world.

34 years after starring in 10, the 57-year-old recently attempted and completed a swim across the Hellespont in Turkey finishing sixth in her age group. Derek, who trained for a year, admitted the swim was “some sort of midlife crisis for sure, probably my third.”

In the interview below, one of the world’s most popular sex symbols of the 1980s explains, “All of a sudden I’m in the busiest shipping lane in the world — my goal is four miles away — and I have to get there. It was the worst day in the swim’s history for weather. The currents were constantly against us or we were swimming cross current.”

1. Cathy Neville (USA) 1:28:19.48
2. Diana Ritchie (AUS) 1:42:29.05
3. Sylvie Kruchten (CAN) 1:44:33.65
4. Catherine Burton (USA) 1:48:31.91
5. Sally Ann Stewart (UK) 1:48:50.13
6. Bo Derek (USA) 1:52:55.14
7. Susan Wilmoth (AUS) 1:52:57.91
8. Kim Miller (USA) 1:55:22.22
9. Kare Cossaboon (USA) 1:56:26.57

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