10 Solutions Open Water Swimmers Understand

10 Solutions Open Water Swimmers Understand

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

1. They have a plastic bucket of water in their car to clean off the sand on their feet before getting in their car.
2. They bury their shivering body in the warm sand.
3. They use coconut oil to wipe off big black race numbers.
4. They use baby shampoo in their goggles before getting in the water.
5. They wipe off remnants of Vaseline or lanolin on seashells, lifeguard towers, and on swimsuits.
6. They keep their head down and keep swimming.
7. They swim on the other side of the escort boat.
8. They use a lap counter to communicate.
9. They stop by a kelp bed to go number 2.
10. They use bobby pins (hair grip) to keep their swim cap on.

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Photo of the BCT Gdynia Marathon in Poland.

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