10 Top Young Open Water Swimmers Of The 21st Century

10 Top Young Open Water Swimmers Of The 21st Century

These young swimmers will undoubtedly leave a legacy in the sport upon their retirement. Their voices and their influence may just be emerging, but their potential is great. They will not only walk in the moccasins of their predecessors, but they will also take the sport further than ever thought possible in the decades to come.

Followed by thousands online, flush with multitudes of Facebook friends, friends on five continents, these young swimmers already serve role models in a variety of niches in the open water swimming world.

Humble yet confident, reserved yet charismatic, risk-taking yet optimistic, they are the emerging heroes and heroines of the 21st century.

1. Owen O’Keefe, Ireland
2. Benjamin Schulte, Guam
3. Ana Marcela Cunha, Brazil
4. Andreas Waschburger, Germany
5. Martina Grimaldi, Italy
6. Haley Anderson, USA
7. Ashley Twichell, USA
8. Colin Hill, Great Britain
9. Evan Morrison, USA
10. Annaleise Carr, Canada

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