100 New Year's Resolutions For Open Water Swimmers

100 New Year’s Resolutions For Open Water Swimmers

Everyone has their own goals and dreams.

With a sport so mental, putting your mind to it is extremely important.

Here is a list of 100 possible New Year’s resolutions that open water swimmers might have:

1. Do an ice mile
2. Swim the English Channel
3. Qualify for the FINA World Championships
4. Swim well enough to finish the 2.4-mile swim leg in an Ironman triathlon
5. Find goggles that do not fog up
6. Do a 100 x 100 set
7. Find sponsorship
8. Improve your stroke technique
9. Swim the North Channel
10. Complete a 10K
11. Body surf the Wedge
12. Cross the Rottnest Channel
13. Get accepted by the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim
14. Qualify for the national championships
15. Run a marathon
16. Join the 24-hour Club
17. Swim the Molokai Channel
18. Join the Half Century Club
19. Swim across Lake Tahoe
20. Complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming
21. Raise money for a charity swim
22. Cross the Strait of Gibraltar
23. Overcome shoulder problems
24. Cross the Cook Strait
25. Improve ankle flexibility
26. Do the Catalina Channel
27. Work on the core
28. Swim in Patagonia
29. Swim in Lake Titicaca
30. Customize your swimsuits
31. Swim on the North Shore of Hawaii
32. Participate in a FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix event
33. Begin the road to the Oceans Seven
34. Find a balance between work, family and training
35. Swim in the Caribbean Sea
36. Finish an Ironman triathlon
37. Learn to surf
38. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
39. Drop your pace per 100m
40. Find the perfect location for an unprecedented swim
41. Swim with the fast group at masters
42. Cross the Tsugaru Channel
43. Get acclimated to cold water
44. Swim in the South Pacific
45. Find a spouse who loves open water swimming
46. Meet Lynne Cox
47. Write a book about swimming
48. Get your open water swimming film idea green-lighted
49. Get a job at FINIS
50. Organize an open water swimming competition
51. Build a pool in your backyard
52. Produce a documentary on open water swimming
53. Swim in Alaska
54. Participate in the aQuellé Midmar Mile
55. Do a prison swim
56. Participate in the Cork Distance Week
57. Crew with Kevin Murphy
58. Train with Ous Mellouli
59. Swim above the Arctic Circle
60. Do a double-crossing
61. Swim Loch Ness
62. Listen to a Darren Miller speech
63. Do a photo shoot
64. Train with Stephen Redmond in winter
65. Attempt a three-way
66. Do more dryland training
67. Design your own website
68. Write funny tweets
69. Do a circumnavigation
70. Lunch with Charlie Gravett (shown above)
71. Pilot a swim
72. Find the perfect replacement drink
73. Create a popular YouTube channel
74. Become an observer or referee
75. Design new swimsuits for Speedo
76. Write a screenplay for an open water swimming movie
77. Become more flexible
78. Improve your navigational IQ
79. Formulate a new jellyfish formulation
80. Stay injury-free
81. Compose a song about open water swimming
82. Get published
83. Compete in a race in Queensland
84. Participate in the New Zealand Ocean Swim Series
85. Learn to bilateral breathe
86. Find a swim cap that doesn’t come off
87. Do the Sun Moon Lake International Swim Carnival
88. Set a record
89. Swim in the Serpentine in London
90. Visit Aquatic Park in San Francisco
91. Lose weight
92. Gain weight
93. Swim with sharks
94. Travel to Lake Baikal
95. Improve your kick
96. Straighten out your hand path
97. Swim in Cape Town
98. Learn a new foreign language
99. Find a job in the swimming industry
100. Become a coach

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Steven Munatones