100 x 100s In The Ocean Déjà Vu

100 x 100s In The Ocean Déjà Vu

The Oak Streeters are at it again.

In the same holiday season where hundreds of pods of swimmers complete their annual 100 x 100s in pools across the world, the Oak Streeters, a pod of open water swimmers in Laguna Beach, California, will do another set of 100 x 100s open water style this Saturday.

Instead of doing one hundred one hundreds in a flat-water, warm-water, chlorinated setting while swimming circle pattern, the pod of channel swimmers, marathon swimmers, and open water swimmers will begin before the sun rises at 6 am and will set off on their century swim course in the Pacific Ocean at Laguna Beach.

We will start in chest-deep water right by the lifeguard tower on Main Beach and head straight out to the outside buoy. This is 100 yards to the buoy, 200 yards round-trip. We will go back and forth 50 times to get in our 10,000 or 100 x 100’s. Toes in the water at 6 am this Saturday,” explains ringleader Scott Zornig.

Steven Munatones