#13 Is A First: Anna Brown Does The Peak and Pond

#13 Is A First: Anna Brown Does The Peak and Pond

Anna Brown from Andorra became the first woman to achieve the Peak and Pond this summer with her 33.5 km crossing of the English Channel that followed her 2018 summit of Mount Everest.

Brown became a member of the Peak and Pond Club, joining Hugo Rodríguez Barroso of Mexico, Eric Blakeley MBE from JerseyGeorgios-Ioannis Tsianos of Greece, Matthew J. Williams of the UK, Bill Borger Jr. of Canada, Boguslaw Ogrodnik of Poland, Gabriel Viti of the USA, Allan McLeland of the USA, Jason Snell of the UK, Patrick McKnight of the USA. Rob Lea of the USA, and Greg Johnson.

Brown explains, “I very much like adventure and one of my oldest dreams was to swim the English Channel. I combined my small effort with the fund raising activities of Safe Passage, a charity dedicated to protecting unaccompanied children who are extremely vulnerable. Every year thousands of these child refugees arrive in Europe in search of safety. They find themselves stuck in squalid camps or sleeping rough on city streets unaware of their legal right to travel safely through Europe.”

Brown completed a summit of Mount Everest on May 22nd 2018 and completed a 13 hour 52 minute crossing of the English Channel in September 2021.

To support her charity with Safe Passage, visit here.

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