Craig Lenning's 15 Hours 47 Minutes Ends 47-Year Hiatus

Craig Lenning’s 15 Hours 47 Minutes Ends 47-Year Hiatus

Photo of post-swim Craig Lenning by Vito Bialla.

It took a team of believers and one very hard-core man from the mountains to finally end 47 years of non-success from the Farallon Islands.

Craig Lenning, supported by captain Vito Bialla, navigator David Holscher, co-captain Patrick Horn, crew chief Jamie Patrick and observer Evan Morrison, started at the Farallon Islands at 6 am local time and finished on Muir Beach – 14 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge – 15 hours 47 minutes later.

Due to thick fog as Lenning approached the California mainland and a flood tide that did not emerge as planned, the team shifted to Plan B and ended up aiming for the closest point on land rather than finish under the Golden Gate Bridge as originally planned.

But Plan B was very sweet and rewarding as Lenning – a Colorado resident who has been training in high altitude in cold water (i.e., under 10°C) – becomes the third person in history to complete a Farallons Island crossing after the legendary duo: Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Evans and Ted Erikson.

Evans successfully swam across the Red Triangle from the Farallon Islands to Duxbury Point near Bolinas in August 1967 in 13 hours 44 minutes. That unprecedented swim was followed 3 weeks later by Erikson’s successful crossing (on his third attempt) from the Farallon Islands to under the Golden Gate Bridge in 14 hours 38 minutes in September 1967.

Three’s a charm. And Craig Lenning is the third legend to etch his name in Farallon Islands history.

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