19th International Ocean Film Festival Opens Tomorrow

19th International Ocean Film Festival Opens Tomorrow

The 19th annual International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco, California opens tomorrow.

Since 2004, the mission of the four-day Festival is to be the global platform for ocean literacy and education throughout independent film. A wide variety of films are shown with post-screening discussions with film directors, producers and protagonists.

Thursday, April 7th

  • The Oyster Farmer, Kika Tuff (USA) 5 minutes
  • Albacore Tuna: The Tale of a Fish, Jennifer Marie Bell, Jessica Eden (USA) 37 minutes
  • The Witness is a Whale, Nick Dean and Cheryl Dean (Austria) 52 minutes
  • Back to the Sea, Jack Gordon (USA) 6 minutes
  • Eight Arms That Unite Us, Abdillah Intje (Indonesia) 9 minutes
  • The Last Vaquita, Ed Harrison & Luke Ripley (UK) 13 minutes
  • In Too Deep – The True Cost of Deep Sea Mining, Maarten van Rouveroy (Netherlands) 19 minutes

Friday April 8th

  • Mangrove Forests: Roots of the Sea I Marine Ecosystem Diaries, Rebecca Daniel (UK) 4 minutes
  • The Dark Hobby, Paula Fouce (United States) 56 minutes
  • The Origin – Life around the Hot Spring, Claudia Schmitt (Germany) 4 minutes
  • STURMFAHRT – The World’s Toughest Sailing Race, Philipp Grieß (Germany) 90 minutes
  • Resurrection Artist, Scott Fitzloff (USA) 22 minutes
  • Waterman, Isaac Halasima, Steven Ungerleider, David Ulich, Michael Cascio (USA) 93 minutes
  • Lionfish: Ocean Murder Hedgehogs, Sarah Baumann (USA) 2 minutes
  • Soul of the Ocean, Howard Wesley Hall (USA) 78 minutes

Saturday April 9th

  • Deep Look: Starfish Gallop With Hundreds of Tubular Feet, Josh Cassidy (USA) 5 minutes
  • Adventures of a Maritime Archaeologist, Kurt Mann (USA) 12 minutes
  • I Just Went for a Swim, Adam Dostalek (Australia) 18 minutes
  • Nā Kama Kai – Children Of The Ocean, Ju Martins (USA) 36 minutes
  • Celestial, Jack Gordon (USA) 28 minutes
  • Great White Sharks, Lakan Duskin (USA) 3 minutes
  • Fish with Superpowers – The Clownfish and the Shark, Hendrik S. Schmitt (Germany) 5 minutes
  • Emperors of the Deep – Short, William Mckeever, Paul Rachman (USA) 20 minutes
  • Sharks of the Sea of Cortés: A Lost Treasure?, James Ketchum (Mexico) 27 minutes
  • Changing Seas: Recreational Shark Fishing: Collaborating for Conservation, Kristin Paterakis (USA) 27 minutes
  • The Forest Stands Tall, Abbey Dias (USA) 2 minutes
  • Veins of an Island, Shireen Rahimi (USA) 8 minutes
  • Coextinction, Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean (Canada) 93 minutes
  • ICEolation, Sophie Ballagh & Ewan Blyth (Antarctica) 28 minutes
  • Soul of the Ocean, Howard Wesley Hall (USA) 78 minutes
  • Tess Felix: Portrait Artist, Cynthia Abbott, Andrea E. Leland (USA) 8 minutes
  • Selma, Maciek Jabłoński (Poland) 92 minutes
  • It’s Time to Listen, Louisa Gilbert (Canada) 7 minutes
  • Fishing with Wally, Ellie Schmidt (USA) 20 minutes
  • Bangla Surf Girls, Elizabeth D Costa, Lalita Krishna (Canada) 85 minutes

Sunday April 10th

  • Hungry Jellyfish, Sabrina Inderbitzi (Switzerland) 4 minutes
  • My Journey Across the Ocean, Madeleine Kelly Toomey (USA) 4 minutes
  • The Blue Forest, Philip Hamilton (UK) 35 minutes
  • Twist and Spin, Peter Donovan Walker (Vanuatu) 50 minutes
  • Planktonium, Jan van IJken (Netherlands) 15 minutes
  • Open Ocean, Nathan Siegel (Spain) 83 minutes
  • Tess Felix: Portrait Artist, Cynthia Abbott, Andrea E. Leland (USA) 8 minutes
  • Bodies of Water, Lavado Stubbs (USA) 10 minutes
  • The Ocean Solution, Darcy Hennessey Turenne (USA) 14 minutes
  • Coding for Crayfish, Serge Raemaekers, Karen Logan (South Africa) 30 minutes
  • INTO THE BLUE: The Wonders of The Coral Triangle, Robert Fonollosa (Spain) 50 minutes
  • Stranded: A Whale Rescue Tale, Bruce Nairn, Ashley Love (USA) 25 minutes
  • Archipelago New York – An Island City, Thomas Halaczinsky (Germany) 53 minutes
  • Deep Look: Sea Slugs Scrub Seagrass by the Seashore, Mike Seely (USA) 4 minutes
  • Whetū Mārama – Bright Star, Toby Mills, Aileen O’Sullivan (New Zealand) 90 minutes

To purchase tickets to the International Ocean Film Festival, visit here.

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