1SOMS - Open Water Swims For Hares And Hounds

1SOMS – Open Water Swims For Hares And Hounds

The 1SOMS is a 1.6K monthly timed open water swim in Clifton Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a novice and intermediate level swim with lifesavers in the water from the local Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club.

1SOMS stands for the 1st Sunday of Month Swim. Swims along the out-and-back course take place every month except for May because the Freedom Day Swim is too close to prevent a clash. When January 1st is a Sunday, the Clifton Cold Water Mile takes precedence and the timetable is shifted (information here).

1SOMS started in 2006 with 5 participants and has grown to 157 swimmers.

Wetsuits are recorded as a separate category on the results. An alternative course is available when there are adverse water conditions such as large swells or strong winds. The water temperature is typically 10-14°C with potentially a 2°C differential above or below in extreme conditions.

Race organizer Warren Fialkov used a format called Hares and Hounds. “We set off newcomers and swimmers in for social interaction first. The Hounds are the racers, chasers, triathletes and squad level swimmers who are set off five minutes later. This makes for a more enjoyable swim experience and increases safer. It also seems to speed up the Hares because once they are caught by Hounds, they tend to be revitalized to race.”

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