2 To Share 20.2 On September 22 For 22 And $22,000

2 To Share 20.2 On September 22 For 22 And $22,000

Night Train Swimmers‘s Vito Bialla explains how 2 has impacted his open water swimming.

In August, 22 Navy Seals died in Afghanistan. They left behind widows and children who don’t have a daddy anymore. I made a reservation to swim across the Catalina Channel from Catalina Island to the mainland, which happens to be 20.2 miles, on September 22nd. In light of these events, 2 board members from Night Train Swimmers, Phil Cutti and I have decided to do a 2-man relay swim from Catalina. Our goal is to raise $22,000 for the Night Train Foundation.

Think about Ronny Porta who is burned over 80% of his body and has endured 110 surgeries with more pending. Think about James Raffetto, a double amputee, and his new bride in this early part of their lives. Think about John and Megan Valentine, whose Navy SEAL father is now dead, leaving behind his wife Christina and two children.

Our heroes are swept under the carpet too fast and forgotten almost overnight. It is our privilege to keep their service to our country remembered and those they leave behind honored. The injured have to endure their pain for the rest of their lives; we hope we make a small difference.

Whether you believe in our wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Libya is up to you. Night Train Swimmers do our tiny bit to help ease the pain for those who serve and suffer

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Steven Munatones