20 Miles In The Channel Like Father, Like Son

20 Miles In The Channel Like Father, Like Son

Michael Renford will soon set off on his final leg of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. His Catalina Channel crossing will be done in tribute to his father’s legacy on Australia’s Father’s Day.

Michael, son of Des who was one of the most popular, renowned and personable marathon swimmers of all time, celebrates his 50th birthday today. According to an interview with the Brisbane Times, when he realized Father’s Day fell on his 50th birthday, he considered it an invitation from Neptune, Poseidon and his dad, the former King of the English Channel®.

I’m extremely proud to be my father’s son, and I feel fortunate to follow in his arm-strokes. I love keeping his memory alive. It’s one of the reasons I do it. I tie dad’s wedding ring to my cossies to have something that was important to him close to me. It means a lot, because I think of him while I swim. It’s a shame he’s not around to see me do something I had no inclination to do when he was alive, but 12 years after his death, I’ve done a few decent swims, not that I’d ever compare myself to dad.”

Michael can be tracked in real-time here.

Photo by The Daily Telegraph.

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