20 Years Of The Pod

20 Years Of The Pod

Courtesy of Hopper McDonough, SwimVacation, British Virgin Islands.

As we embark on our 20th trip to the British Virgin Islands, I’ve been thinking about this magical thing that happens on SwimVacation: we school. It happens spontaneously.

A small group of 2 or 3 SwimVacationers swims upon another group. And another. Before you know it, we’re a pod. Strokes synchronize. Things like time, age, gender, speed, future, past become irrelevant.

We move through the water as a single organism. There are no worries, no schedules, no texts. The calm beauty in this kind of swimming and the feeling of connection to your pod and to the ocean is life-changing. I hope you’ll join us someday to experience this.

British Virgin Islands
*March 13th-18th
*December 4th-10th
*March 5th-11th
*March 12th-18th
*December 3rd-9th

Kona, Hawaii
*May 15th-21st
*May 14th-20th

Turkish Coast
*October 1st-8th
*September 30th – October 7th

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