2012 London Olympics - The Men Of Open Water Swimming

2012 London Olympics – The Men Of Open Water Swimming

The 25 finalists in the men’s Olympic 10km Marathon Swim at the 2012 Olympics are good-looking, seriously-minded, hard-working individuals from 23 countries on 5 continents.

They define the word Olympic hero with their athletic talents, chiseled features, handsome countenance and personable charisma.

The 25 macho ambassadors of the sport are quick to smile, lend an ear and work hard day in and day out. Dashing and charming, the Olympians can melt hearts among women and are brimming with confidence and a joyful zest for life.

These Olympians can light up a room, pool deck, loch or lido.

Who are they? Open Water Source surveyed female fans and this is what they say. For photos of these Olympic heroes, click on their names to link to their Openwaterpedia entries:

1. Spyridon Gianniotis of Greece is a truly a Greek god. He possesses a sculpted physique and is dashingly handsome with a sense of humor and a multicultural charm. He is a world champion and humble ambassador of the sport with a multilingual eloquence and killer work ethic.

2. Thomas Lurz of Germany has a marbled physique as a result of hours spent pushing himself in the water and on his bike. His humble eloquence and deeply felt passion come through in his native German and his educated English accent. Caring and compassionate, he makes friends across borders easily with an obvious sincerity and a warm smile.

3. Sergey Bolshakov of Russia is a husky, tall man full of seriously athletic machismo with a down-to-earth focused nature and a hint of intellectual curiosity and a witty sense of humor.

4. Alex Meyer of the USA is the stereotypical attractive All American swimmer who everyone wants as a teammate, brother, roomate or boyfriend: smart, articulate, funny and laid back with a great body who is easy to talk to and a bit of a free spirit.

5. Ky Hurst of Australia causes hearts to flutter. He is a dream guy: handsome, tan, sexy, a genuine breath-taking hunk who is also a well-rounded surfer, lifesaver and waterman with focused organization skills and a sincere care for others in the sport.

6. Francisco Jose Hervas is a classically dashing Spaniard with a sincere smile and a playful personality. He is cute with a playful look, full of personality who can easily shift between the intensity necessary in competition and a fun-loving ambiance that is magnetic on land.

7. Brian Ryckeman of Belgium is a tall, blonde, handsome eye-candy with a deep sense of affection and passion that belies his outward composure and naturally calm nature.

8. Julien Sauvage of France is a handsome hunk of a man, very attractive with blonde chlorinated swimmer hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Dashing and debonair, his English accent is cute and his smile quick and genuine.

9. Vladimir Dyatchin of Russia has a cute smile and debonair ambiance about him enhanced by multilingual abilities. The multi-time world champion is captivating and solidly husky with a pleasant personality that easily crosses cultures and borders.

10. Andreas Waschburger of Germany is captivating, beguiling and stunningly handsome. He is also thorough, kind, thankful, and considerate; the perfect personality characteristics that attract women. In the water or in the air (he is a sky diver), he is also assertive, aggressive and macho.

11. Oussama Mellouli of Tunisia is a tall, dark and handsome. Studly and chiseled with broad shoulders that taper to a thin waist, the Olympic champion’s power in the water and multilingual confidence on land enable him to quickly and easily make friends – male and female, young and old – across cultures and borders.

12. Richard Weinberger of Canada is a young, eye-catching guy with a very cute smile and infectious twinkle in his eyes. The Olympic medalist dark horse can easily make people of all ages laugh and smile while simultaneously possessing a laid-back nature on the outside and passionate intensity on the inside.

13. Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria is a tall, very manly and outwardly assertive. His charisma is immediately evident as hard working, dedicated, and disciplined world champion. His studiously researched and well thought-out opinions demonstrate his passion for the sport and his care for fellow competitors.

14. Valerio Cleri of Italy is a charming Mediterranean magnet. Outwardly serious and intimidating due to his intense passion, the handsome rock-hard swimmer can quickly open up to show his comic touch. He can be simultaneously entertaining among a group and focused on a single individual with a sense of timing and caring that is beyond attractive.

15. Troyden Prinsloo of South Africa is a charming two-time Olympian who is simplistically cute with a swimmer’s sculpted body from head to toe that give off a good combination of sex appeal and Olympic intensity.

16. Yasunari Hirai of Japan is an exuberant, a smiling extrovert who gives off fun-loving vibes. He makes the most out of everything and creates a great ambiance for others around him. An interactive, excitable, attractive people-person, he has a stylishly great swimmer’s body.

17. Igor Chervynskiy of Ukraine is tall and lean with great blue penetrating eyes. With smooth skin and an expressive mouth, he is at once focused and youthfully exuberant, hard-working and adventurous.

18. Ivan Enderica Ochoa of Ecuador has very deep, deep brown dreamy eyes with a genuine smile. He is a fun-loving, team-oriented charismatic athlete with a sense of fashion and style around the pool and around town.

19. Arseniy Lavrentyev of Portugal is a tall, personable, always attentive to fans and friends. His sincerity comes through via action and his strikingly bright blue eyes. He is rugged, muscularly husky in an attractive way.

20. Yuriy Kudinov of Kazakhstan exudes a deep sense of warmth and sincerity with an uniquely artsy look of intrigue and adventure. Tough and courageous, his chiseled veneer envelopes a kind heart and seriousness of a world champion and Olympian.

21. Erwin Maldonado of Venezuela is a hot-looking Latin with warm skin and dark, dominant features with a naturally friendly nature. Inviting and approachable, he is fun-spirited and genuinely happy, unconsciously creating a pleasing ambiance to those around him.

22. Csaba Gercsak of Hungary has beautiful blue eyes that invite conversation. Multilingual and mature, he is constantly appreciative and humble, always seeking the best in himself and those around him.

23. Mazen Aziz of Egypt is dark and handsome with dominating features and an exotic look over an unobtrusive personality. He is stylish, multilingual and athletic with charismatic communication skills among friends around the world.

24. Daniel Fogg of Great Britain possesses very intriguing blue eyes and a great sense of humor. He is dreamy and handsome with a hip and cute ‘do that complements his serious veneer.

25. Benjamin Schulte of Guam is an innocently sweet teenager with a smooth South Pacific complexion and a lean, youthful build whose eyes glisten with wonder and sincerity.

The 2012 London Olympics – 25 Women of Open Water Swimming will also be posted this week. Stay tuned.

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