2013 Season Results From Asociación De Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar

2013 Season Results From Asociación De Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar

Rafael Gutiérrez Mesa, the president of the Asociación de Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar and a nominee for the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year, announced the final results of the Strait of Gibraltar season.

There were a total of 48 crossings and 108 total successful swimmers. 11 women and 39 men crossed without wetsuits and 7 women and 51 men crossed with wetsuits.

Only 5 swimmers (4.6%) attempted who were not successful. We had numerous records that we set this season. Congratulations to these swimmers and all the swimmers who made the Strait of Gibraltar crossing. We expect everyone had a good experience with us in Tarifa

* Terrence Peter Bantock and Marius de la Rey (South Africa) – Fastest traditional males: 3:17 (September 9th)
* Kyle Main (South Africa) – Fastest male with neoprene: 3:08 (May 7th)
* Tara Michelle Diversi (Australia) – Fastest traditional female: 3:34 (April 26th)
* Sandra Oliveras Gálvez (Spain) – Fastest female with neoprene: 4:09 (June 6th)
* Elizabeth Fry (U.S.A.) – Oldest traditional female: 54 years (June 11th)
* Bertil Erik Lennart Larsson (Sweden) – Oldest traditional male: 65 years (October 11th)
* Enrique Ariel Cov Acevich (Argentina) – Oldest male with neoprene: 60 years (June 20th)
* Una Teresa McIntosh (Ireland) – Oldest female with neoprene: 44 years (August 25th)
* Jacob Scott Miyauchi (U.S.A.) – Youngest traditional male: 16 years (August 23rd)
* Louise Kelly (U.K.) – Youngest traditional female: 22 years (September 25th)
* Melina Montserrat Vieyra Oyola (Peru) – Youngest female with neoprene: 37 years (August 8th)
* Maciej Napoleon Ogrodnik (Poland) – Youngest male with neoprene: 15 years (May 25th)
* Bertil Erik Lennart Larsson (Sweden) – First traditional swimmer from Sweden: 5:18 (October 11th)
* Fedwa El Bekri and Sara El Bekri (Morocco) – First traditional swimmers from Morocco: 4:44 (October 14th)
* Aydin Yildizay (Turkey) – First traditional swimmer from Turkey: 4:34 (October 13th)

Photo shows Rafael Gutiérrez Mesa escorting Darren Miller across the Strait of Gibraltar together with Jamie Patrick, Jen Schumacher and Oliver Wilkinson.

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