2014 FINA Approved Swimsuit List

2014 FINA Approved Swimsuit List

FINA has posted its list of approved swimsuits for competitions in calendar year 2014. The complete list of approved suits are found here.

FINA approved swimwear must to be used at FINA events and qualification events for FINA Championships, the Olympic Games and FINA-sanctioned international events. Events at the national level must follow the rules issued by FINA member federations.

FINA defined its swimsuit regulations as they related to masters swimming: “FINA Master events are, as a matter of principle, subject to the same. However, it is reminded that, swimsuits which comply in respect of their shapes and which evidently fulfil the other requirements in particular in respect of material: permeable open mesh textile material can be used even if the corresponding model is not formally listed.”

Photo is from the film trailer DRIVEN, a marathon swimming movie.

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