2015 FINA Approved Swimwear List

2015 FINA Approved Swimwear List

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

FINA has begun updating its list of approved swimwear (see here). The new swimwear list goes into effect beginning January 1st 2015 and includes swimsuits, swim caps and goggles.

The list of manufacturers includes 361°, A3 Performance, Adidas, Adolph Kiefer, Agon, Akron, Aqua Lung, Aqua Sphere, Aquadeus, Aquarapid, Aquarius, Aquaside, Aquatak, Aquazone, Arena, Argotess, Asics, Autric Sport, Baysics, Blueseventy, Crazy Swim Sarl, Decathlon SA Nabaiji SA, Delfina OOD, Descente, Diana, Dolfin, Draph, Engine, Essenuoto, Euras, Fashy, Few, FINIS, First Ranked, Footmark, Gimer, Hammerhead, Head, Hosa Industry, HUUB, Iga Company, Inus, Jade Swimwear, Jaked, Joluvi, Keo, Kiefer, Kobayashi Gomu, Lane 4, Leonian, Mad Wave, Malmsten, Mares S.P.A. – Head Swimming, Maru Swimwear, Miyata, Mizuno, Modeta Style, Mosconi, Multisport, NIKE, Orca, Rallysport, Rocket Science Sports, Sanwa, Sassis-Schwimmshop, Sazan, Second Skins, Shibro, Speedo, Sports Hig, Swans, Tabata, Technisub, The Opro Group, The Finals, Tulip Korea, Turbo, TYR Sports, Tyron, VA Project, View, Vorgee, Way Funky, Yamamoto Hokosho, Yamanami, Yingfa, Zaosu Germany, Zoggs, and Zwei Manufacturing.

While Speedo, Arena, Adidas, TYR, Jaked and FINIS are well-known in the swimming world, we enjoyed reading about swimsuit manufacturers that we did not know about.

For example, Draph is an especially appropriate name for swimsuits worn by open water swimmers who sometimes wear Way Funky swimwear as they navigate among an occasional Dolfin, Hammerhead, Orca, and Mad Wave.

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Steven Munatones