2016 SPMS Open Water Series Winners

2016 SPMS Open Water Series Winners

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Sherry Brooks compiled the results of the top swimmers at the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming 2016 Open Water Series that includes 5 independent events.

Christie Ciraulo of UCLA Masters and Stephen Sponagle of NOVA Masters were the high point winners for the 2016 season.

40-44 Female
1st: Jennifer O’Keefe NOVA 56 points
2nd: Tiffany McQueen FISS 50 points

45-49 Male
1st: Chappie De Haven SCAQ 54 points

50-54 Female
1st:e Eileen Span MVN 42 points

55-59 Female
1st: Denise Hearst CVMM 66 points
2nd: Janice Clark CTM 46 points

55-59 Male
1st: Chris Georges TSTT 36 points
2nd: Michael Lucas SWAM 34 points
3rd: Dave O’Neil SWLB 28 points
4th: Mark Harmon PSP 26 points

60-64 Female
1st: Christie Ciraulo UCLA 110 points
2nd: Cheryl Plantz SWM 70 points
3rd: Deire Hobbs UC33 68 points

60-64 Male
1st: Stephen Sponagle NOVA 82 points **High Point**
2nd: Craig Beaudine SWM 56 points
3rd: Greg Mortimer UC33 36 points

65-69 Female
1st: Katherine Watson OJAI 50 points

65-69 Male
1st: Hubie Kerns VCM 62 points
2nd: John Nisbet UC33 52 points
3rd: Bill Wiggins UC33 42 points
4th: Thomas Heydorff LALM 26 points

75-79 Male
1st: Ronald Durkee LALM 78 points
2nd: Conrad Von Blankenburg UC33 62 points

The events included the following races:

* Castaic Lake Open Water Swims, 1 mile
* Seal Beach Rough Water Swims, 1 mile and 3 mile
* Newport Beach Pier to Pier 2 Mile Open Ocean Swim, 2 mile
* Don Burns CDM 1 Mile Ocean Swim, 1 mile
* Salt Creek Rough Water Swim, 1.2 mile

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