2018 - 2019 Global Swim Series Global Champions

2018 – 2019 Global Swim Series Global Champions

Courtesy of Swim Around Lido Key, Rob Kent, Global Swim Series.

After the final swimmer crossing the finish line of the Swim Around Lido Key, Rob Kent of the Global Swim Series announced the annual winners of its fourth season.

Over the season, the Global Swim Series sanctioned 102 races in all kinds of venues and conditions that were held in 30 countries.

Male Non-Wetsuit Division
GSS Global Champion: Peter Cosseboom of New Zealand
GSS Summary: Peter Cosseboom competed in 11 races. His fellow countryman Stephen Moore placed second and Cameron Blair finished third while 5 of the top 10 spots went to swimmers from Serbia.

Female Non-Wetsuit Division
GSS Global Champion: Ciara Doran
GSS Summary: Ciara Doran won her third straight GSS Global title, competing in 14 races earning an average of 98.7 points, an indication that Doran won many races. Lesley Dusevic of Canada was second with fellow Canadian Susan Bryden Cromwell came in third, and Helen Adams of New Zealand finishing just behind her in fourth.

Male Wetsuit Division
GSS Global Champion: Jack McCullough of Ireland
GSS summary: Jack McCullough and Robert Landriault of Canada were neck-and-neck until the final Swim Around Lido Key. McCullough started out in the lead while Landriault caught up during the last weekend of the season. McCullough and Landriault competed head-to-head in the 11 km Swim Around Lido Key where McCullough captured 1st place as he outsprinted Landriault by 3 seconds. Jordan Leckey of Ireland was third.

Female Wetsuit Division
GSS Global Champion: Megan Dodge of Canada
GSS Summary: Megan Dodge became a back-to-back GSS Global Champion. Dodge competed in several different countries to finish ahead of Laura Tippett and Ella Crowe finished second and third. Crowe also won the 19&U age group title where she beat Victoria Wyllie and Lauren Archer of Northern Ireland.

GSS Age Group Champions
Male Wetsuit Age Group Champions
19&U: Jack McCullough (Ireland), 15 races with 1,412.08 points
20-29: Jordan Leckey (Ireland), 12 races with 1,174.24 points
30-39: Carl O’Donnell (New Zealand), 6 races with 596.06 points
40-49: Peter Wilson (Ireland), 10 races with 879.38 points
50-59: Robert Landriault (Canada), 14 races with 1,261.18 points
60-69: Gerry Kelly (Canada), 8 races with 664.9 points
70-79: Ian Gunthorp (New Zealand), 7 races with 633.18 points
80&O: John Marshall (New Zealand), 7 races with 374.76 points

Male Non-Wetsuit Age Group Champions
19&U: Filip Zavisic (Serbia), 6 races with 562.38 points
20-29: Dylan Kent (Canada), 6 races with 551.18 points
30-39: Jonathan Groves (Ireland), 6 races with 531.62 points
40-49: Cameron Blair (Canada), 9 races with 689.25 points
50-59: Peter Cosseboom (New Zealand), 11 races with 1,051.35 points
60-69: Jacques De Reuck (New Zealand), 4 races with 384.27 points
70-79: Istvan Priboj (Serbia), 5 races with 293.96 points
80&O: Dezso Melkuhn (Serbia), 4 races with 327.99 points

Female Wetsuit Age Group Champions
19&U: Ella Crowe (New Zealand), 8 races with 776.81 points
20-29: Rachel Hare (New Zealand), 8 races with 584.82 points
30-39: Laura Tippett (New Zealand), 9 races with 832.19 points
40-49: Claire Morgan (New Zealand), 6 races with 579.1 points
50-59: Megan Dodge (Canada), 14 races with 1,282.04 points
60-69: Jenny Stark (New Zealand), 9 races with 704.32 points
70-79: Juliet Taylor (New Zealand), 7 races with 414.31 points
80&O: Pat Owens Dohme (New Zealand), 2 races with 103.27 points

Female Non-Wetsuit Age Group Champions
19&U: Ciara Doran (Ireland), 14 races with 1,281.89 points
20-29: Olga Bordatcheva (Canada), 5 races with 451.7points
30-39: Emily Slaney (Canada), 5 races with 466.99 points
40-49: Helen Adams (New Zealand), 9 races with 700.28points
50-59: Lesley Dusevic (Canada), 11 races with 1,056,17 points
60-69: Etelka Mesaros (Serbia), 7 races with 448.61 points
70-79: Margaret Donald (New Zealand), 3 races with 153.57 points
80&O: Lori Auhill (USA), 1 race with 51.75 points

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