2018-2019 Winter Swimming World Cup Champions

2018-2019 Winter Swimming World Cup Champions

Courtesy of WOWSA, Lake Onega, Petrozavodsk, Russia.

The International Winter Swimming Association World Cup series included stages in the epicenters of the winter swimming community, organized and promoted by visionary Mariia Yrjö-Koskinen of Finland [shown on left] together with John Coningham-Rolls, Aleksandr Jakovlev, and Roman Karkachev.

She explains, “The World Cup events included the 10th Jelgavas Roņi Cup in Latvia, the Bled Winter Swimming World Cup in Slovenia, the Skellefteå Dark & Cold, and the Petrozavodsk Russian Open Championships.”

After a long, cold season, the following athletes were announced as the 2019 World Cup age group champions:

Female Age Group Champions
80+ years Category: Anna Semenova (Russia) 33 points
75-79 years Category: Nina Yermilova (Russia) 180 points
70-74 years Category: Malle Elvet (Estonia) 240 points
65-69 years Category: Elke Ortloff (Germany) 153 points
60-64 years Category: Elena Savinkova (Russia) 159 points
55-59 years Category: Jaqueline Jänike (Germany) 630 points
50-54 years Category: Anna Lopatkina (Russia) 381 points
45-49 years Category: Larisa Firsova (Russia) 387 points
40-44 years Category: Jaimie Monahan (USA) 552 points
30-39 years Category: Bárbara Hernández (Chile) 588 points
20-29 years Category: Ailén Lascano Micaz (Argentina) 396 points
15-19 years Category: Viktorija Gedroviča (Latvia) 87 points
Under 15 year Category: Jessi Isomaa (Finland) 183 points

Male Age Group Champions
80+ years Category: Viktor Koryagin (Russia) 84 points
75-79 years Category: Vasiliy Simonov (Russia) 153 points
70-74 years Category: Yuriy Ponomare (Russia) 357 points
65-69 years Category: Scott Lautman (USA) 504 points
60-64 years Category: Vasiliy Teterin (Russia) 567 points
55-59 years Category: Oleg Chekushkin (Russia) 630 points
50-54 years Category: Christof Wandratsch (Germany) 636 points
45-49 years Category: Davaadorj Shagdarsuren (Mongolia) 355 points
40-44 years Category: Aleksey Pavlenko (Russia) 255 points
30-39 years Category: Rauno Pärg (Estonia) 525 points
20-29 years Category: Antti Mäkinen (Finland) 410 points
15-19 years Category: Aleksandrs Jakovlevs Jr. (Latvia) 423 points
Under 15 year Category: Sergey Demidov (Russia) 99 points

The complete results of the World Cup are posted here.

The 2019 – 2020 International Winter Swimming Association World Cup series will include the following events:

* November 2019: 11th Open Winter Swimming Championships ‘Jelgavas Roni Cup’ in Jelgava, Latvia
* December 2019: 5th Tyumen Open Cup in Tyuman, Russia
* January 2020: 16th Latvian Open Winter Swimming Championships in Liepaja, Latvia
* February 2020: 12th Winter Swimming World Championships in Bled, Slovenia
* February 2020: 9th Scandinavia Winter Swimming Championships in Skellefteå, Sweden
* February 2020: 53rd Winter Swimming Across The Meuse River in Huy, Belgium
* February 2020: Big Neva Cup in St. Petersburg, Russia
* February 2020: 6th Annual Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival in Newport, Vermont, USA

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