2021 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nominees

2021 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Nominees

The WOWSA Awards is an annual public recognition of the world’s open water swimmers, escort pilots, coaches, administrators, volunteers, products, services, and events in different categories: 

The World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year nominees include the 15 following remarkable individuals:

1. Carina Bruwer Pugliese, record-setting marathon swimmer and charity event organizer from South Africa
2. Abigail Fairman, coach and marathon swimmer who pioneered double courses of existing swims from the USA
3. Elaine Burrows Dillane, ice swimmer who completed the Irish Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming from Ireland
4. Lexie Kelly, coach, ocean swimmer, and social media influencer from the USA
5. Amy Ennion, pioneering channel swimmer from Great Britain
6. Abhejali Bernardová, Oceans Seven channel swimmer and extreme triathlete from the Czech Republic
7. Maria Cotignolo, swimmer, administrator, mentor and coach from Uruguay
8. Sarah Thomas, English Channel icon, marathon swimmer, cancer survivor and motivational speaker from the USA
9. Kate Steels, Ice Sevens swimmer, administrator and IISA board member from Great Britain
10. Kerry Kopke, swimmer and CLDSA administrator from South Africa
11. Mayra Santos, pioneering marathon swimmer and record holder from Brazil
12. Shu Pu, escort crew chief, solo swim and relay organizer, and event director and promoter from Hong Kong
13. Merle Liivand, mermaid swimming record-holder and marine environmentalist from Estonia
14. Chloë McCardel, English Channel icon, coach, organizer, and motivational speaker from Australia
15. Ana Marcela Cunha, Olympic marathon swimming gold medalist and pro marathon circuit champion from Brazil

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