£20,565 Gets Closer To Helping Oxfam

£20,565 Gets Closer To Helping Oxfam

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Michael Ventre announced that his New York to London Swim crowdfunding campaign ended with £20,565. “I would like to thank everyone for contributing to make this [transoceanic swim campaign] a huge success. I am incredibly humbled by your generosity. The team will now work on getting your rewards out to you as quickly as we can if you’ve requested one with your donation.

The project doesn’t stop here though. This is just the beginning. In the coming days and months your donations will help the team to secure corporate funding to get me to the start line in New York in April 2017 so we can raise millions of pounds for Oxfam to help end extreme poverty.

I now have 16 months to prepare for my biggest challenge and I am training hard and I’m very excited about the prospect of swimming the Atlantic – strange as that may sound

For more information, visit www.newyorktolondonswim.com/.

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