$220,000 Needed To Raise £5M From New York To London

Courtesy of Michael Ventre, New York to London Swim.

Michael Ventre thinks big. Real big.

As in, swimming from New York to London on a 3,800-mile (6,115 km) transoceanic stage swim.

As in, raising £5,000,000 in aid of Oxfam.

As in, raising $220,000 to secure his escort boat and cover the operational costs.

Ventre plans to depart from New York during first week of April and will run a crowdfunding campaign between January 30th to February 3rd in order to get to the starting line. The campaign will target both corporations and individuals. “There will be a number of fantastic rewards available such as New York to London branded clothing, swim caps and wristbands.

The figure I will be asking for is $220,000. This is down from an initial cost of around $2 million. To put it in perspective, if a company donates $5,000, then I will need 44 companies to each donate $5,000 to secure the swim. It’s an extraordinary figure yes, but it’s also an extraordinary event for an incredibly worthy cause. There are a number of excellent branding opportunities and exposure for organizations that are able to donate. This will include regular social media mentions for your organization throughout the campaign

After the requisite funds are raised, then Ventre will begin to raise £5 million for Oxfam. “The swim and the funds that will be raised whilst out at sea will be an excellent way for donors to feel a part of something amazing and help make an incredible difference in a world where extreme poverty affects close to 1 billion people.

I have reserved a 58-foot catamaran as a support vessel which is currently moored in Cape Town. The yacht brokerage firm is happy to wait for the funding campaign to conclude and will not offer the vessel up to other individuals so long as I reach the much needed $220,000 target

Ventre is looking for a corporation to help him create a global marketing platform. “This will be an amazing opportunity to create some extraordinary experiences, content and marketing assets to help your organization achieve its business goals. Whilst on the support boat, I will be regularly tweeting, blogging and posting on Facebook and would love the opportunity to promote a brand. If we are a great fit, then there will be an opportunity to create some incredibly engaging content for your audience.”

For more information or follow-up, email partners@newyorktolondonswim.com or visit New York to London Swim, #NYtoLDNSwim, and Real Meal Revolution.

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Steven Munatones