At 25, Barbara Pellick Does Another Rotto

At 25, Barbara Pellick Does Another Rotto

There are so many extraordinary human interest stories among the participants in the annual Rottnest Channel Swim, one of the World’s Top 100 Open Water Swims for very good reasons.

Hosted by the Rottnest Channel Swim Association, the organisation was inducted as an Honour Organisation by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2011.

The 19.7 km solo and relay ocean swim added another outstanding event in its history that dates back to 1956 when Gerd von Dincklage-Schulenburg first swam from the shores of Western Australia to Rottnest Island. And so did Barbara Pellick with her 25th crossing of the Rottnest Channel.

The International Rotto crossing number 25 done and dusted,” writes Pellick on Facebook. “Pretty happy with my time of 6 hours 6 minutes but boy those stingers were something else.

Never experienced anything like them in a crossing before, where did they come from?

I thought 25 was a good number to retire on, but the thought of doing a crossing as a 50-year-old next year sounds appealing!

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Steven Munatones