25 Years Of Celebrating The Sea

25 Years Of Celebrating The Sea

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Cayman Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea with crystal clear waters, white sands and warm weather, is home to one of the most beautiful tropical sea swims in the world.

With Frank Flowers at the helm, the tradition of the Flowers Sea Swim began on Seven Mile Beach. On June 10th, the event will celebrate its 25th year.

The Flowers Sea Swim is Grand Cayman’s signature sporting event with over 1,000 registrants all starting at once. Swimmers vary in age from 8 to 80 years old, from newbies to Olympic gold medalists.

The race is the world’s richest open water events with over $100,000 in cash and prizes randomly distributed to swimmers. The odds to win a prize are 1-in-7; previous giveaways have included iPads, hotel stays, and airline tickets to premier destinations such as Miami, New York, Panama, Rome, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, London, Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, and Toronto.

This year, the event will concurrently serve as the 2017 UANA Open Water Swimming Championships which will attract elite world-class swimmers from around the Caribbean, North America, Central America and South Africa for a one-mile swim, 5 km race and the 10 km marathon swim between June 9th and 12th.

All registration proceeds are donated to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

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2016 Top 10 One-Mile Swim Results
1 Chip Peterson 18:02.42
2 David Pouliot 19:35.89
3 Laim Desjarlais 19:37.89
4 Samuel Bélanger 19:38.17
5 Emily Brunemann 19:41.17 [first female]
6 Vincent Laperle 20:17.92
7 Edouard Bélanger 20:26.58
8 Aisha Thornton 20:36.14 [second female]
9 Ethan Hallowell 20:38.74
10 Jake Meisenheimer 20:41.89

2016 Top 10 5 km Swim Results
1 Adam Dawkins 1:15.21.2
2 Rory Barrett 1:16.35.9
3 Jackson Buyers 1:16.39.1
4 Christian Vanderkaay 1:19.32.5
5 Tobias Mikkelsen 1:20.01.5
6 Alex Vanderkaay 1:21.02.1
7 Mabel Zavaros 1:16.39.7 [first female]
8 Rosie Zavaros 1:17.12.9 [second female]
9 Lexie Kelly 1:17.31.3 [third female]
10 Roman Dagesh 1:23.04.2

2016 Top 10 10 km Swim Results
1 Chip Peterson 2:16.04.8
2 Liam Desjarlais 2:20.37.4
3 Edouard Bélanger 2:20.50.2
4 Vincent Laperle 2:23.12.3
5 Samul Bélanger 2:23.13.5
6 David Pouliot 2:23.27.9
7 Emily Brunemann 2:25.11.4 [first female]
8 Victoria Mock 2:25.23.8 [second female]
9 Lauren Teghtsoonian 2:27.38.1 [third female]
10 Aisha Thornton 2:28.51.5 [fourth female]

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