29 Hours In, How Many More For Tita?

29 Hours In, How Many More For Tita?

Courtesy of TRACK.RS, Ibiza Channel, Spain.

Tita, formally known in the marathon swimming world as Margarita Llorens Bagur, has been swimming non-stop for over 29 hours from from Javea on the Spanish mainland to Ibiza in the Spanish Islas Baleares.

For years, the 49-year-old president and inspiration of the Menorca Channel Swimming Association has been making several epic attempts in the Islas Baleares archipelago in her native Spain. Her unsuccessful crossings only made her stronger,” describes Steven Munatones. “Together with the chief escort kayaker Francisco Siscu Pons, it looks very good that she might make her dream come true today.”

Update: Tita finished today on Ibiza in a total time of 36 hours 16 minutes.

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Steven Munatones