29-Year Wait Is Over At Ohrid Lake Swim Marathon

29-Year Wait Is Over At Ohrid Lake Swim Marathon

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

It took a long 29 years, but a local Macedonian swimmer finally won the Ohrid Lake Swim Marathon, an annual stop on the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix.

Veteran Evgenij Pop Acev came through in his country’s long-running Ohrid Lake Swim Marathon today.

The globe-trotting marathon swimmer crossed 33 km in Lake Ohrid in 5:39:42, only six seconds faster than Brazil’s Matheus Evangelista. Fellow Macedonian Tomi Stefanovski just touched out France’s Bertrand Venturi so two locals were able to stand on the awards podium for the first time.

Men’s Results:
1. Evgenij Pop Acev (MACEDONIA) 5:39:42 [shown on far left]
2. Matheus Evangelista (BRAZIL) 5:39:48
3. Tomi Stefanovski (MACEDONIA) 5:39:54
4. Bertrand Venturi (FRANCE) 5:39:55
5. Xavier Desharnais (CANADA) 5:39.55.76
6. Alexander Studzinski (GERMANY) 5:40.09
7. Simone Ercoli (ITALY) 5:44.00
8. Aleksandar Ilievski (MACEDONIA) 5:51.50
OTL Aleksandar Pancevski (MACEDONIA)
DSQ Damian Blaum (ARGENTINA)

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