29th Swimming Marathon of Messinian Gulf In Greece

29th Swimming Marathon of Messinian Gulf In Greece

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The Swimming Marathon of Messinian Gulf is a long-time passion and project of race director Dimitris Kakalikas.

Held in northern Greece between Kalamata and Velika, the 30 km race (ΚΟΛΥΜΒΗΤΙΚΟΣ ΜΑΡΑΘΩΝΙΟΣ in Greek) is sponsored by the Nautical Club of Kalamata and will be held for the 29th time on Saturday, September 9th.

It is a great event with a community feel to it,” said Devon Clifford from New York.

The conditions should be nice in the morning, but it is predicted that the winds will pick up in the afternoon based on the conditions of the last two days.”

1. Stavros Charalampous (Cyprus)
2. Devon Clifford (USA, shown on left)
3. Ned Denison (Ireland)
4. David Hynan (USA)
5. David Ibanez Navarro (Spain)
6. Ioannis Lafazanos (Greece)
7. Konstantinos Letsos (Greece)
8. Lori King (USA)
9. Attila Mányoki (Hungary, shown on middle)
10. Steven Minaglia (USA, shown on left)
11. Nikolaos Ploumidis (Greece)
12. Sofia Psilolignou (Greece)
13. Spyridon Rois (Greece)
14. Sale Savel (Serbia)
15. Iosif Seristatidis (Greece)

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