2nd Annual SEAL Memorial Swim Around Coronado Island

2nd Annual SEAL Memorial Swim Around Coronado Island

Courtesy of Jeff Utsch, Coronado Island, California.

The 2nd Annual 11.7-mile (18.8 km) SEAL Memorial Swim is held around Coronado Island on June 29th.

The event is held in honor of fallen Naval Special Warfare Operators and is an officially-sanctioned UDT-SEAL Association event.

Race organizer Jeff Utsch explains about the charity swim.

The swim start is north of the rocks in front of the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado [see photo above]. Fins and wetsuits are recommended, and swimmers are welcome to complete even only a portion of the swim. Relays of 2 to 4 swimmers are encouraged to swim 20-30 minute legs, but relay swimmers are encouraged to find their own boat support.

Swimmers are encouraged to swim in memory of a fallen Naval Special Warfare Operator hero or for all those who have given all. Participants are required to register for the event ahead of the swim; there are no same day registrants.

Call +1 (520) 977-7946 to register for the swim, volunteer for boat support, or to have any questions answered

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