3 Amigos Have A Real Adventure In The Open Water

3 Amigos Have A Real Adventure In The Open Water

It appears that Martin Goodman (shown on left), Roger Finch and Theodore Yach were railroading their way to Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa with the use of some very decent-sized ocean swells at their backs.

But as Finch describes, “The rollers were going in the opposite direction.”

Sometimes the open water is with you; sometimes it is against you; and sometimes on the same swim, it can be both.

Goodman recalls, “Today’s 3 Anchor Bay to Robben Island turned into a real adventure. Massive swells, westerly winds, head on currents, mist erasing Robben Island from our sight and all this in 13ºC (55ºF) in 4 hours 20 minutes.”

Yach completed his 77th crossing to (or from) Robben Island in South Africa with his buddies with the help of Derrick Frazer. “Every few years a swim comes along to show me who is actually boss out there. Today’s 3 Anchor Bay to Robben Island crossing was that swim. We commenced in benign, albeit chilly conditions. After two hours, we were fighting the current sweeping to Blouberg and battling to stay on line. Then the mist arrived closing off all visibility to Robben Island. It was very unpleasant, but we eventually reached Robben Island with much relief.”

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Steven Munatones