3 For 3: Richard Jones Completes the Australian Triple Crown

3 For 3: Richard Jones Completes the Australian Triple Crown

Courtesy of Christopher Guesdon, Perth, Western Australia.

On March 20th, Richard Jones followed in the wake of Lynton Mortensen who was the first Australian to achieve the Australian Triple Crown after her Port To Pub Ultra Marathon swim in Perth.

The Australian Triple Crown is defined as 3 solo, unassisted completion of the 25 km Port to Pub Ultra Marathon from Fremantle to Rottnest in Western Australia, 34 km The Big Swim – Derwent River Marathon in Tasmania, and the 27 km Palm Beach to Shelley Beach Marathon Swim in New South Wales.

Fellow Aussies Brenda Norman, Emma Radford, and Anna Strachan also achieved the Australian Triple Crown.

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Steven Munatones
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2 years ago

I was Richards safety skipper for the swim, That was a huge effort, I saw the vomiting, the courage and the effort not to mention the arms lashed like a “catof9tails” from stingers/
Sue was always the trooper herself fighting through sea sickness to support Richard on the paddleboard. I’m sure both would be thanking Piero , my deckie who jumped on the board to give Sue the break she needed to carry on.
Still all accolades go to Richard a big swim and a prize hard won.