3 Remain In The 3-Way

3 Remain In The 3-Way

The trio of three-way English Channel swimmers of Jon Erikson, Alison Streeter and Philip Rush are legendary in the marathon swimming world.

John Van Wisse attempted to join the elite echelon of three-way swimmers, but fell frustratingly short despite an excellent two-way channel crossing in 19 hours and 55 minutes.

According to the Herald Sun, John voluntarily stopped before he started his last leg – the excruciating bane of all triple-crossers.

He was battered and bruised and no amount of coaxing could get him to continue,” said sister Tammy van Wisse who also knows well the difficulty of fighting against rough conditions in the Channel. “He was so sore he couldn’t lift his arms to get into the boat. We just didn’t have the conditions on our side.”

Conditions are always fickle in the challenge and a certain amount of luck mixed with a massive amount of training and an experienced escort pilot and crew are the key ingredients of success. “It takes a very special person to tackle a challenge like this and for John to finish the double is just amazing,” reported his proud sister.

Photo and quotes by the Herald Sun.

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