3 Years In The Making With Zach Margolis

3 Years In The Making With Zach Margolis

Courtesy of WOWSA, Dover, UK.

Zach Margolis reported today from Dover, England, “Today I just got the ‘go’ from my pilot, so tomorrow morning I’m going to swim. 5:15 am Friday [start]. A little over three years ago, I met Kimberley Chambers for the first time through Vanessa Slavich, and I promised I’d swim the English Channel.”

Chambers wrote, “What a truly special memory and a promise kept. Wishing my friend Zach a magical swim across the English Channel tomorrow.”

The 28-year-old software engineer at Square enjoys collecting data from his everyday life, including his training swims and visualizing it.

His black-and-white-with-red swimlog illustrations [see example above of one of his training swim around the perimeter in Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay] are beautiful artwork for the open water swimmer.

His 2017 tandem swim course across the Strait of Gibraltar with Attila Mányoki from Spain to Morocco is shown below:

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