30 Miles Towards The Devil's Teeth

30 Miles Towards The Devil’s Teeth

Marathon swimmers love facing and overcoming everything the ocean can throw at them.

And there are few places like the desolate Farallon Islands.

30 miles west of San Francisco, the stretch of misery throws up barriers like few other places on Earth: rough water, cold water, jellyfish, tides, currents, the darkness of night and Great White Sharks.

This week, mighty Joe Locke kicks off the Northern Hemisphere channel season with an early attempt to swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the desolate islands Susan Casey called the Devil’s Teeth. Months before his colleagues take to the English Channel and Catalina Channel, Joe will push off under the Golden Gate Bridge and will be piloted 30 miles to the west by Vito Bialla and supported a hardy band of Night Train Swimmers.

Stay tuned. Photo above shows the conditions this morning near the push-off point.

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Steven Munatones